Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The 9/11 Tragedy

The whole world was shocked to see the Twin Towers kneel down and fall on that fateful date. I can still remember clearly how i looked at the television twice, to verify if what i was seeing was true.
The problem was then recognized- where the structural steel core- that held the towers upright-melted. It did not withstand the fiery heat of the jet fuel which burned inside the towers.
The terrorists' aim was to shock US government. And based on interviews and reports later, that the terrorists probably did not even expect the towers to fall.
Our modern constructions have evolved a lot in the aftermath of the Twin Towers tragedy. Newer, more advanced building techniques are now being applied. Buts sadly, modern constructions in the 3rd world countries are not as grand and diligently funded as those with the mighty giants.
This is the sad reality--